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(Available in the Camas/Washougal/Vancouver WA areas)

It is never too late (or too soon) to learn computer programming, whether you are a young newbie, or a seasoned, tested professional, you can learn to code in a well planned, structured course, which will introduce you to the tools needed to understand and ultimately allow you to create and modify a computer program.

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The Learn to Code course consists of a total of 12 hours divided in 8 sessions, each session is 1½ hours long and covers the basics of Computer Science concepts, popular culture subjects such as "hacking", "cloud computing", and others. But quickly "dives-in" into full hands-on coding.

Learn to Code introduces the individual to the world of application development by teaching him/her code using web technologies such as HTML/JS, followed by a crash course in coding using the Python programming language, including data storage concepts, and finally tying up all together by creating a full dynamic web application which can be viewed on mobile devices.

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Web Technologies

The latest trends in web development using HTML5, JS, and CSS, to create beautiful web applications that can be viewed on Mobile devices..

App Development

Dive into the world of "bare metal" coding using the Python programming language, learn why hacking and cybersecurity concepts are so important.

Cloud & Storage

Learn how data is stored and retrieved by applications, create a program that access this data and learn about data management.

Final Product

Snapchat clone?, Smart Home Control program?, you will have all the tools you need!

About the Instructor, Facilities, and Cost.

Howdy, My name is Julio F Schwarzbeck and I have been a Camas WA (Grass Valley) resident for the past 10 years, I have worked in the financial industry as a Sr. Application Developer for several years now, and before that, I worked in the dot-com scene for many years as well. I have a degree in Systems Engineering and have been programming hands-on practically on a daily basis for the past 16 years. You may visit my "about" page to find out more information about me (link will open in new window): https://www.techfuel.net/

The course is offered at my "Incubator", a properly conditioned, detached 240 sq ft. Computer laboratory at my home address, but detached from the property (see pictures above), it has its own, dedicated high speed internet connection, teacher's large screen, whiteboard, and computers. It sits up to 6 members per session, each class is considered semi-private with individual attention.

(You may bring your own device if you wish to do so.)


The total cost of the course is $250.00. There are 9 sessions in total, each one is one hour and a half long. Students that previously attended any of the Learn to Code sessions get a 20% discount. Personal Checks are accepted.


Calendar is for informational purposes only, please contact me for questions on specific dates.

Even though there is a progression during the course of the sessions, you may join at any time, but it is highly advisable that you join since the first session. Make-up sessions are available.

Access the online calendar by going to the Learn to Code Google Calendar.
(Will open in a new window/tab).

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